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N&A Family Daycare Team

Our Team: Our Team

Nagat Hamed 


Nagat Hamed, originally from Alexandria Egypt, has a background in Business Administration. After working fourteen year in International Education at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman she opened N&A Family Daycare in December 1999. In addition to her tenure as a licensed childcare provider, Nagat has also raised five of her own successful children who are now flourishing professional in their respective fields of medicine, investment banking, financial management director, and international education. They attribute much of their success to their mother instilling a love for education in them from a young age. That is Nagat Hamed - owner and founder of N&A Family Daycare where your child will be our family.


Amira G. Ali 


Amira Ali was borned and raised in Gaithersburg Maryland and originally from Aswan Egypt. She has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Baltimore with a specialization in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship. She has been with N&A Family Daycare since its conception in December 1999.


Safa A. Soliman

Registered Nurse Advisor 

Safa A. Soliman is the on call Registered Nurse Advisor of N&A Family Daycare. She graduated summa cum laude from one of the most competitive nursing programs in the country i.e. the University of Maryland Shady Grove campus and has three years of work experience as an Intensive Care Unit nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins teaching hospitals in Baltimore. 

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